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Get on top of your Respiratory Condition

If you have a respiratory condition and live in the Bay of Plenty, we can help you with assessment, education and support. We're local, we're friendly, and we're FREE!

Free one to one education

Education, medication reviews, monitoring progress, assessing response to treatment and more.

Free lung function testing

Free diagnosis with spirometry and/or FeNO testing by qualified, experienced respiratory nurses.

Making an appointment

We accept referrals from GPs and health professionals.

At a clinic near you

With free clinics right around the Bay of Plenty from Katikati to Whakatane, you won't have to travel far for an appointment.

Is your breathing condition out of control?

  • Do you use you blue inhaler most days of the week?
  • Do you wake at night because you are breathless or coughing?
  • Do you have trouble exercising because of your breathlessness or get out of breath more easily than others your age?
  • Do you have a persistent or changed cough and/or bring up phlegm most days?
  • Do you experience chest tightness or wheeze or have frequent chest infections?
  • Are you over 35, a smoker or former smoker, or have you worked in a job which exposed you to dust, gas or fumes?

If you answer Yes to two or more of these questions, your lung health could be at risk. Please contact your GP to refer you for a free appointment

Our Location

We are based at:
254 Chadwick Road

and hold clinics right around the Bay of Plenty.

Call us on 0800 276 267 for more information

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