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What are our services?

If you or a loved one is struggling with respiratory issues, the Asthma & Respiratory Management center is here to help. Our facility offers a range of services to help patients manage their conditions, including one-to-one education, spirometry testing, feNO testing, rehabilitation programs, and community talks, all of which are provided completely free of charge. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for our patients by providing them with the resources and support they need to address their respiratory concerns with confidence and peace of mind.



Spirometry is a lung function test that measures the amount and speed of inhaled and exhaled air. It is crucial for diagnosing various Chronic Respiratory Diseases.



A FeNO test measures lung inflammation and checks if inhaled steroids are effective. Even if you feel fine, the test can show if inflammation is still present.



Our asthma nurse educators offer personalized education on asthma/COPD self-management. You'll receive tailored information on asthma/COPD control and learn how to use respiratory devices effectively, like inhalers and spacers.

Workplace Spirometry

We also offer workplace spirometry. There is a cost of $60 for this service. If you or your employees need a spirometry for a work medical please contact us at

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